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Bravo Kayak Paddle 220 cm - Assymetric Split 4 Piece

Bravo Kayak Paddle 220 cm - Assymetric Split 4 Piece
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This Paddle is the ideal accessory as a main paddle or indeed as a spare to pop in your kayak. At 220cm it is the ideal length for Sit On Top kayaks and has the flexibilty of being easy to store in the car.

It has an assymetric shaped blade which gives a smoother entry and exit to the water when paddling. The blade itself is made from a tough polypropylene reinforced with 40% fibreglass. It has some flexibility which means it wont break. Often paddles have brittle paddles which if hit off rocks can snap.

The paddle has a lightweight alumunium shaft with the all important grip. This is preferable to the oval shaft allowing more control. There is also drip rings on the shaft. The paddle can be broken down into either two or 4 pieces the longest piece being approx 60cm

Aluminium Alloy Shaft 6005T5.

Blade length 46cm x 17.5 cm width

Length : 220cm

Weight : 1.2 kg