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Canoe & Kayak Map of Britain Folded map - CTK 628

Canoe & Kayak Map of Britain Folded map - CTK 628
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This is what canoeists think ....

"This map deserves to become an essential part of a canoeists library."

"Pete Knowles has come up with another treasure."

"The inclusion of selected coastal trips was a welcome surprise."

The Canoe and Kayak Map of Britain is a high quality map which shows the huge extent of canoeing possibilities on rivers, lakes, canals and coast. It is colour-coded to show clearly the nature of these waterways. Southern England and Wales appear on one side of the B1 sheet with Scotland and the North of England on the reverse.

The base map is very detailed and shows roads, towns, villages, rivers, streams, lakes and canals with this detail in pastel colours. Over this is superimposed the canoeing information in bright colours so that this stands out. Paddling information includes:-

-Tidal rivers and different Grades of river - Flat, classes: 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Navigations (e.g. canals) used by motorized craft.
- Especially popular canoeing trips are highlighted in yellow.
- Selected coastal paddles are marked, as are artificial white water courses. 

This is a map for the 21st Century - created for the two million canoeists in Britain - to inspire, excite, dream and plan that next journey. 

Some paddlers will buy this map for the office wall [see also the flat version CTK631] whilst for the newcomer to the sport it answers the question "where can I go paddling next? Information panels give helpful information on access, recommended websites and guidebooks - designed to 'open the doors' to the world of canoeing and kayaking. 

The author, Peter Knowles FRGS, is a world renowned expedition kayaker who has written and produced many popular and successful guide books. 

Also available in a flat laminated, 2 sided version.

Author: Peter Knowles
Page Size: 245 x 115 mm
ISBN 10: 0955061431
ISBN 13: 9780955061431
Publisher: Rivers Publishing
Published Date: May 2012
Edition: Revised 2014
Binding: Sheet map (folded)
Weight: 90g