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Kayak Canoe Seat Backrest Padded for SOT Sit on Top with storage pocket

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Kayak Padded Backrest with Storage Pocket.

Spec :

This padded backrest is the ideal accessory for your Sit On Top Kayak.  The backrest not only supports your back, but it allows to to transfer more of the paddling stroke into forward speed.  Without support lower body movement results in an inneficient stroke.

The backrest has 4 fully adjustable (25mm) straps that have a brass buckle for easy attachment.

There is also a pocket on the rear of the backrest that has a mesh bottom for drainage and is secured by a zip. It also includes a loop to attach valuable items such as keys.

Weight :   680g

Length of straps : All 4 will extend to 50cm (20")

Length ( layed flat ) :  70cm  (27.5 ")  

Width  :  27cm  (10.5")  

Pocket : 15cm Deep , 18cm Wide