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Kayak Paddle Index Grip with Heat Shrink

Kayak Paddle  Index Grip with Heat Shrink
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Kayak Index Grip and Heatshrink

This paddle grip is placed on the kayak shaft to provide an index grip. Paddles come either Oval shafted or round. For round shafts you need an index grip, this sits on top of the shaft and provides a raised profile . This can be placed on either the right or left depending on whether you or right or left handed.

I will also provide heatshrink to go over the index grip and eliminate any rough edges. Please note the index grip can be glued onto an already construced paddle but should you wish use the heatshrink then 1 blade must be removed first.

Instructions :

Work out your natural hand placement and mark with masking tape. I reccomend epoxy glue, the grip should be fully aligned with the rear spine of the blade. If in doubt tape in place to make sure you are happy with the position. Tape the grip in place until the glue has set, then remove.

With 1 blade removed, slide the heatshrink over the shaft fully covering the index grip, once in position, use either a heat gun or steam from a kettle. Be careful with heat guns to avoid burning the plastic.

Re-fit the blade and you are ready to go.