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Peak UK Spraydeck Spray Deck Neoprene BIG DECK cockpit

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Peak UK STANDARD Neoprene BIGDECK cockpit Spraydeck





Neoprene Spraydeck Sizing

Cockpit K1 C1 WWR Comp Small Keyhole Bigdeck
Length 27-30in 69-75cm 23-26in 59-65cm 26-29in 65-71cm 32-35in 81-89cm 31-33in 78-84cm 32-35in 82-90cm 34-38in 88-96cm
Width 15-18in 40-46cm 19-22in 47-53cm 17-20in 43-49cm 17-19in 43-48cm 17-19in 43-48cm 18-21in 47-53cm 19-22in 50-56cm



Neoprene Spraydeck Waist Sizing

Waist 22-26in 55-65cm 26-30in 65-75cm 30-34in 75-85cm 34-40in 85-100cm



Here is what I say :

This PeakUK Neoprene Spraydeck will give you years of trouble free service. I have been using PEAK decks for years, THey are robust, well made and never let you down.

Neoprene Decks give you a great fit with the stretchy neoprene which is held taught once fitted. This not only keeps the water out, but stops pooling and also acts as a shock absorber whilst in rough water.


Peak UK have been designing top notch products for over 20 years and its no surprise its the supplier of choice for the 2012 Olympic Canoe Slalom Team


Here is what Peak Say:


Standard Deck for " BIG DECK COCKPIT "

Blind stitched and latex sealed seams throughout.

Shockcord style deck.

4mm tough faced neoprene with latex reinforcing on top.

No seams in the deck section.