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RUK Kayak Airbags 65 cm (Pair) A44

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These airbags are constructed from tough terylene fabric which provides excellent abrasion resistance. The bag dimensions are 65 x 25 x 16 cm. They're fitted with a brass eyelet to provide a means of securing them in the boat. They also have a tough plastic inflation tube with a screw valve.

These pair of airbags are designed to fit around the centre foam pillar of your kayak.

Airbags provide additional buoyancy and reduce the amount of waterlogging in a capsize situation. When full of water, kayaks are very difficult to move and empty and are in danger of snagging on rocks and obstructions. With airbags fitted they float higher up, hold less water, make handling and emptying easier and reduce the chances of damage on rocks.

Which Airbag?

I sell both large and small airbags.

As a guide, you need to get a bag that is slightly larger than the space its going into. This will stop them moving around but more importantly reduce space for water.

The pictures show the airbag in a Liquidlogic Kayak . For kayaks that are a similar size and that have a reduced depth deck this 65cm bag would be the most appropriate.

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