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RUK Kayak Paddle 200cm - 1 Piece A17

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This Paddle is the ideal accessory as a main paddle or indeed as a spare to pop in your kayak. Its fantastic value and features many  of the design details found on paddles twice the price.

It has an assymetric shaped blade which gives a smoother entry and exit to the water when paddling. The blade itself is made from a tough plastic but has some flexibility which means it wont break.

The paddle has a lightweight alumunium shaft with the all important grip. This is preferable to the oval shaft allowing more control.


The Paddle is 200cm making it suitable for standard size sit in kayaks. It is also suitable for low grade moving water and moderate surf conditions.  

If you have a sit on top kayak i would suggest that you need the longer 215cm paddle. Please check my other listings.

Spec :

Weight - 1kg

Length - 200cm

Alloy Shaft

Plastic Blades

60 degree feather