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RUK Moray Kayak Paddle 215 cm - 1 Piece

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£36.95 Includes Delivery To Your Door - Store Price : £24.95
This Paddle is a great value paddle constructed from an alloy shaft and tough plastic blades.

It has a length of 215cm perfectly suited for SIT ON TOP KAYAKS. These kayaks are quite wide so the extra length is needed.

It has an assymetric shapfected blade which gives a smoother entry and exit to the water when paddling. The blade itself is made from a tough plastic but has some flexibility which means it wont break. Often paddles have brittle paddles which if hit off rocks can snap.

The paddle has a lightweight alumunium shaft with the all important grip. This is preferable to the oval shaft allowing more control. There is also drip rings on the shaft. 

Length : 215cm

Weight : 1050 kg