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Spray Decks/ Covers

Spray Decks are a great accessory for Kayaks 

It is important before using a spraydeck that you are completely confident of the capsize drill and how to use release the spraydeck.

For beginners and improving paddlers a nylon deck offers a cost effective way to progress, it will keep the water and splash out of your kayak and as a bonus your legs tend to stay warmer too.  If you do fall in and forget to pull the handle on the front the deck will almost certainly pop off anyway as you leave the kayak. As you progress on to faster moving water with larger waves and surfing too, nylon decks can suffer with pooling of water in the cockpit. If you have reached this stage i would suggest having a look at a neoprene deck.

A neoprene deck will cost more but when paddling on faster moving water and going through waves etc then a neoprene deck is THE most essential item.  They can be a bit trickier to fit as you have to stretch the deck to fit it. This is designed this way as this allows the deck to be taught which stops the pooling and also acts as a shock absorber.  Neoprene decks wont pop off in a capsize like nylon decks do so paddlers need to be confident of where the release handle is whilst upside down ( better still, learn to roll!!)

Care and maintenance

Cockpit Rim  :   Many a good deck has been ruined by sharp edges on your cockpit rim, more of a problem for Glass or opoxy kayaks but even plastic kayaks can have rough edges and scores around the rim.  Use tape for glass/epoxy kayaks and file away any rough spots for plastic.