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Wavesport Recon 70, 83, 93 CORE WHITE OUT

Wavesport Recon 70, 83, 93 CORE WHITE OUT
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Reconnaissance is the military term for exploring beyond the area occupied by friendly forces.  While the creeks may call out to us, the forces of the river don't always welcome our exploration.  Performing at the highest levels of creeking and class IV-V+ boating, the Recon handles creeks and rivers efficiently, confidently and safely, with boofability worthy of a new term.  Helping boaters make limit pushing a way of life since 2012 - the Recon Series.

The Recon will get paddlers down river safely while performing at the highest levels of creeking and class IV-V+ boating, enhancing a paddler's confidence and skill sets in the process to make boundary pushing safer than ever before.  

The continuous rocker profile combined with the unique distribution of volume makes this design very fast and easy to boof. The unique volume in the bow and its pronounced, upswept shape make the Recon resurface and unload water quickly when blasting through holes, while the domed stern deck minimizes back-ending in holes and drops.  The location of the full stern chine combined with the generous side wall flare provides superb secondary stability and substantial control when carving, ferrying, or tracking.  The Recon is also equipped with seven points of rescue and new, strategically placed handles for greater accessibility. The Recon was designed for intermediate and advanced paddlers who want best-in-class performance and maximum safety features while enjoying both multi-day river trips and tackling class IV & V+ rapids.


  • 2 Security Bars
  • 3 Security Grab Handles
  • Safety Step-Out Wall with Carry Handle
  • Rotomolded Tank Style Seat with Adjustable Ratcheting Leg Lifter
  • 2 Soft Grip Security Grab Handles
  • Auto-Adjusting Bulkhead Footbrace with Foam Padding
  • Quick Fore/Aft Seat Adjustment
  • CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System
  • Forward Ratcheting Backband


Recon 70 

Weight Range 36-68Kgs, Cockpit 83cm x 48cm, Weight 21kg, Volume 265L, Length 236cm, Width 65cm

Recon 83 

Weight Range 64-91Kgs, Cockpit 86cm x 49cm, Weight 23kg, Volume 314L, Length 251cm, Width 67cm

Recon 93 

Weight Range 82-125Kgs, Cockpit 86cm x 49cm, Weight 24kg, Volume 352L, Length 264cm, Width 69cm