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Werner SHERPA 1 Piece Paddle

Length Of Paddle
Blade Construction
Shaft Design
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The Werner Sherpa is a mid sized bladed paddle providing an evenly balanced catch and smooth stroke . Suited for river running and surfing the Sherpa is just the job. Why not look at a Powerhouse for the bigger bladed version.

The Sherpa's mid-size blades are great all around river runners

Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release
Extremely light weight and responsive
Werner's legendary bomber strength


Surface Area: 680 sq cm
Blade Length x Width: 46 x 19.5cm
Premium Weight (197cm)
Straight Shaft - 964g/34oz
Neutral Bent Shaft: 1021/36oz
4pc Straight Shaft: 1162g/41oz
Performance Weight (197cm)Note: 2014 Sherpa's come in yellow glass, not green as shown.
Straight Shaft - 936g/33oz
Neutral Bent Shaft: 992g/35oz

Sizes: 191cm, 194cm, 197cm, 200cm